Introducing the Happy Apps collection, a baker’s dozen of R Shiny apps for introductory statistics at the undergraduate (or AP Stats) level. Each is a dynamic visual aid addressing a specific concept or topic in intro stats. They make nice visual aids to add to a lecture, or teachers can develop in-class activities or homework problems in which teachers provide students with guided exploration of a concept through the app. Most of the apps contain a “Click for more info” checkbox under the title, which will expand upon clicking to describe the different parts of the app in detail.

I will organize the apps here by variable type, as that has been our approach to intro stats at Grand Valley State University for a number of years. I will list all the apps first and the write a description of each below. The links named “app” will go to the apps themselves, and the links named “description” will go to the description of the app below. The screenshots of the apps below are links as well.

One categorical variable

One quantative variable

Two categorical variables

Two quantitative variables

Quantitative \(y\), Categorical \(x\)

Sampling distribution of sample proportion