GVSU's Applied Math Seminar 2022-23

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Welcome to the 3rd year of our GVSU Applied Seminar.  We have a great set of speakers lined up to talk to us about applications of mathematics in areas including forest fires, gambling, data science, computer science and more!

New this year, we will provide pizza for those attending in person. So come join us have lunch and feed your applied math curiosity too!

This page is still under construction for the Fall of 2022, look closer to August to know the location of the seminar next academic year.

Where: TBD     OR     Online: Via Zoom  (request password from ortizron at gvsu dot edu)

When:Third Friday of the month, 1-1:50pm

** Past recorded seminars (requires GVSU logon) department **  

FALL 2021
Sept. 23

Jenna Mc Donald, PhD candidate
Rochester Institute of Technology (joins us via Zoom)

TBD- Forest Fire related

October 14

Ed Aboufadel
GVSU- Math and Provost Office

A mathematician wanders into a sportsbook

Nov 18

Nate Bowman
GVSU- School of Computing

TBD- Linear Algebra related

 Dec 2

 Brian Yurk
Hope College

TBD- data science related
   Jan 20 

Jiyeon Suh


Feb 17

Paul Fishback

 March 17

 Shandelle Henson
Andrews University
Editor-in-Chief Natural Resource Modeling

April 14  Alumni Panel Hear from recent graduates about their experience in the workforce and in graduate school.  Bring some questions!
Norma Ortiz-Robinson's page  * GVSU math department