Apps for Introductory Applied Statistics (STA 215)

Chapter* Link to app Subject of app
Ch 2: One categorical variable Samp Dist Prop Sampling distribution of the sample proportion
CI Prop Confidence interval for population proportion
HT Prop Hypothesis test for population proportion
Ch 3: One quantitative variable Descriptives Numerical and graphical summaries for the distribution of a quantitative variable
CLT Sampling distribution of the sample mean and the Central Limit Theorem
t Dist Comparing the t Distribution to the Standard Normal Distribution (and t* to z*)
CI Mean Confidence intervals for population mean
Conf Level Interpretation of the confidence level as the proportion of intervals that contain the parameter**
HT Mean Hypothesis tests for population mean
Ch 5: Two quantitative variables Slope-Int Form Slope-intercept form of a line
Guess Corr Guess the correlation values of 4 scatterplots**
Ch 6: Independent Two-Group Data Indep Two-Group Simulating independent two-group data; Confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for the difference in population means
Appendix Tables Calculates the vaues given in Tables A.1-A.7

*Chapter in "Introductory Applied Statistics: A Variable Approach," by Gabrosek and Stephenson

The above apps are made using R Shiny, except for **.