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R Shiny Apps for Introductory Applied Statistics (STA 215)

Organized by chapter of "Introductory Applied Statistics: A Variable Approach," by Gabrosek and Stephenson (book website)

Chapter of GS Link to app Subject of app
Ch 2: One categorical variable Samp Dist Prop Sampling distribution of the sample proportion
CI Prop Confidence interval for a population proportion
HT Prop Hypothesis test for a population proportion
Ch 3: One quantitative variable Descriptives Numerical and graphical summaries for the distribution of a quantitative variable
Guess SD Given four histograms and four standard deviation values, can you match the distribution to the SD? (made by Suchir Gupta)
CLT The sampling distribution of the sample mean and the Central Limit Theorem
Std Norm "Forward" and "Backward" calculations for the standard normal distribution
t Dist Comparing the t Distribution to the Standard Normal Distribution (and t* to z*)
CI Mean Confidence intervals for population mean
HT Mean Hypothesis tests for population mean
Ch 4: Two categorical variables ChiSq Test Enter the observed counts into a two-way table and see the expected counts, the calculation of the chi-squared test statistic, a picture of the p-value, and a geometric interpretation of the observed/expected counts.
Ch 5: Two quantitative variables Slope-Int Form Slope-intercept form of a line
Least Squares The least squares regression line has the smallest sum of squared residuals out of all lines
Ch 6: Independent Two-Group Data Indep Two-Group Simulating independent two-group data; Confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for the difference in population means
Type 1/2 Err Type 1 and 2 errors and power illustrated in the two-sample t test context
Appendix Tables Calculates the vaues given in Tables A.1-A.7

Other apps for Intro Stats

Subject Link to app App description
Ch 3 (GS): One quantitative variable Conf Level Excellent visualization of the interpretation of the confidence level as the proportion of confidence intervals from repeated samples that contain the parameter (click on Confidence Interval)
Ch 5 (GS): Two quantitative variables Guess Corr Can you guess the correlation? (that is, match four scatterplots to four correlation values)
Lock5 Book StatKey Apps designed for simulation-based inference approach that encompany the Lock5 book
Rossman & Chance Applets Rossman/Chance Popular collection of classic apps