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Trigonometry Unit Circle Geometric interpretation of the sine and cosine functions using a cirlce with radius of one.
Spelling Spell test Can you choose between correctly and incorrectly spelled versions of 21 difficult words?
Statistics SLR model Simulate from the simple linear regression model. The focus is on the differences between the parameters and their estimates and between the errors and the residuals
Power curve Power curve for the two-sample t test and its dependence on the effect size, standard deviation, sample size, and significance level
Norm Quant Plot Produces normal quantile plots for simulated data from different distributions (normal and non-normal) and explains what is plotted on the x- and y-axes.
Leverage Displays how leverage is a measure of the statistical distance of the x- values for an individual from the center of the x-values for the dataset.
Model Selection Shows the bias/variance tradeoff involved in model selection. Specifically, underfitting can lead to bias in the regression coefficient estimates and overfitting can lead to increased variance.
One-factor fixed/random One-way fixed/random effect models
Three Factor Shows the effects of each term in the 3-factor effects model on the cell means
Two factor Simulating from two-factor models with crossed/nested and fixed/mixed/random factors